Services - Auditing

The auditing of annual and consolidated financial statements
according to HGB (German Commercial Code), IFRS and US GAAP
is the core business of our auditing firm.

Corporate finance

For transactions, sustainable growth, international expansion,
risk avoidance, or securing your market position –
we are your independent partner providing you with reliable support.

Tax consulting

Tax plays a key role when taking entrepreneurial decisions.
No matter whether your business operates nationally or
internationally – our tax consultants develop solutions to all problems.

Account service

The most important question entrepreneurs and managers
must ask themselves is how to keep their business figures
under control. A modern accounting system provides you
with a wide range of Controlling instruments.

Efficient and effective.

Irrespective of which of our services you make use of, you can rely on our performing them at the highest specialist level, with an eye for what is essential and with a lot of passion and dedication. As a network, nationally and internationally we can have sector-specific know-how incorporated, even in entrepreneurial niches.


Companies must meet governmental auditing obligations, investors require security, shareholders want control of the outside management. Our experienced audit teams audit your annual and consolidated financial statements according to the German Commercial Code (HGB), IFRS and US-GAAP. Besides that we offer you consulting on all accounting and reporting issues as well as the performance of special audits.


A modern accounting system provides you with a large number of controlling instruments which yield reliable information and are indispensable for foresighted control of the company.


Taxes are of great relevance for every entrepreneurial decision. Regardless of whether you are active at a national level or worldwide, our tax consultants work out solutions for all – even international – issues.

Corporate finance

Whether transactions, sustainable growth, international expansion, avoidance of risks or the securing of the market position are involved – you will find in us the independent partner supporting you reliably and at a high level.

Information technology (IT)

A modern company is no longer conceivable without an efficient IT system. We support you with our knowledge and the experience gained from a wide variety of national and international projects on the most varied IT-related topics.

Private assets

Frequently associated with private assets are, besides basic requirements such as sustainability and long-term preservation of assets, also personal objectives which, on the basis of our many years of trusting consulting partnerships, we can also incorporate into our tailor-made concepts.