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PKF newsletter 10/2019

Hard Brexit – What you need to pay attention to inthe worst case

On 6.9.2019, the UK’s lower house of Parliament passed a law aimed at preventing a no-deal Brexit on 31.10.2019. Under this Act, if the Prime Minister has not secured an agreement with the EU by 19.10.2019 then he must request a delay to Brexit until 31.1.2020. As it is currently not foreseeable what such an agreement would look like, in particular as regards the EU border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, – and as the Prime Minister is insisting that he will refuse to seek an extension to the Brexit deadline despite the UK Act – no-deal still constitutes the worst case. In the following we present the most important consequences that could result in the case of a no-deal Brexit and, to a large extent, in all other forms of Brexit, too.

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